Published: 23.08.2023

"Filmski susreti" is the oldest manifestation dedicated to domestic feature films in Serbia, one of the oldest film festivals in the region and a unique film manifestation dedicated exclusively to actors. This year, from August 26 to September 1, the 58th "Film Encounters" will be held on the Summer Stage in the Niš Fortress. 14 films will be shown as part of the competition, eight of which are premieres, announced Dejan Dabić, film selector. and film critic. "Of the eight films that will be premiered, six films are Nis premieres, one is a festival premiere, and one is a world premiere. "It's about the film 'What my thoughts are fighting' directed by Milorad Milinković, which tells about the murder of Prince Mihailo Obrenović," Dabić said. On the first and second nights of the festival, three films will be shown each, unlike in previous years, when there were two.

On the first evening, on Saturday, August 26, the audience will be able to watch the films "Trag divljaci" directed by Nenad Pavlovic "Who Lives, Who is Dead" by Radet Cosic and "This Way Will Go" by Nina Ognjanovic. On the second evening, on Sunday, August 27, the films "Mouth full of earth" by Purisa Djordjevic, "Have you seen this woman?" by Dusan Zoric and "Manja" by Nikola Koncarevic will be shown.

On Monday, August 28, "Silk Thread" directed by Damir Romanov and "Holy Friday - Cross in the Desert" by Hadzi Aleksandar Durovic will be broadcast. Tuesday, August 29, is reserved for the films "Coma" by Petr Jakonic and "Vera" by Nedeljko Kovacic. On Wednesday, August 30, "Boy and Girls" directed by Ivica Vidanovic and "Storm" by Milos Radunovic will be shown. At the closing evening, on Thursday, September 1, the program will include the films "What are my thoughts fighting for?" and "Indigo Crystal" by Luka Mihailovic.

On the first evening of the festival, actress Mirjana Karanovic will be presented with the "Pavle Vuisic" award for outstanding contribution to the art of acting in a domestic feature film, which is awarded by the Association of Film Actors of Serbia (UFGS). At the final evening, the winners of the eight official festival awards will be announced - Grand Prix "Naisa" for the best acting performance, "Emperor Constantine" and "Empress Theodora" for the best male and female roles, certificates for outstanding female and male roles, awards for female and the Male Episodic Role and Best Debut Award.

The founders of the event are the City of Nis and UFGS, and the organizers are the Nis Cultural Center (NKC) and UFGS.

Sponsors are the Ministry of Culture and the Film Center of Serbia.

The director of the festival is Srdan Savic, otherwise the director of NKC, and the artistic director is Rastko Jankovic, president of UFGS.


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