Published: 10.08.2023

My dears, most of you are probably aware that we live in a time where the wrong value system rules. It is a system in which the truth is said to be a lie, and a lie is said to be the truth. It is a system in which good is declared evil, and evil is declared good. It's hard to live in such a system, but that's how it was built in the years that are behind us... Man does not see man as a friend, but sees how to benefit from him. A person in such a system has no value, he is like a "commodity" that should serve a purpose. If the personality is without character and susceptible to manipulation, it is a good "commodity" and is desirable in "trade". But, if that personality has some principles and moral norms, then such a person belongs to "perishable goods" that should be disposed of as soon as possible. In such a society, it is important that only the "foil" is good, and what is inside is not even important, it will be eaten already… When can such a system change?! Maybe when you stop being silent and nodding your heads out of fear towards anyone! Then it can stop my dears. This is not our society only for the "chosen ones", this is the society of all of us, and above all of us is God and before him everything should be pure. So please don't "close your eyes" and "pretend" that nothing is happening. Don't be silent when you see injustice happening to someone! Say it, but say it with love, so if you see that nothing changes again, pray to God to solve it. If all that goes hard and the person doing the injustice remains disobedient, you are looking for a way to stand in his way, and that with full right. Is it okay for an honest man to be exploited by a non-man?! Of course it's not, and you shouldn't be silent about it. Keeping silent and pushing things under the "carpet" will not solve anything. I think that every man deserves to feel like a man, not to suffer someone's frustrations. It is time for us all to change collectively, it is our duty. It depends on each of us, just so you know. The two of us, you my friend or I, cannot not be part of the system that makes up our society. We cannot be "privileged" so that those rules about changing for the better do not apply to us. It is an obligation for all of us, starting from the very top of some hierarchy and going down. We have to understand it once and start acting like that. Let's have a measure! Let's not be anyone's tyrants, because if we continue to present our "power" on those weaker than ourselves, it will not be good. We must be aware that the best example is a personal example and that the best teaching is done with love. Any kind of insolence and arrogance will pay for those who act like that. Therefore, calm down, brothers and sisters, so that God does not have to calm down with his methods, which are not exactly harmless, but are very instructive to everyone.

We live as if today is the last day of our life on earth! We live as if we will meet the Lord every hour!


Djakon Aleksandar Ciganović writes